The objective of the Project and the Report "Muslim Grassroots in the West Discuss Democracy" is to offer opinion-formers particularly non-Muslims in churches, the press and media, universities and politics a response from the Muslim grassroots living in the West, where at present there is none, on the issue of the alleged “clash of civilizations” between Islam and the West. In particular, the compatibility of democracy and Islam is studied, as democracy is a major principle or ideal in the West. The Project and Report are also of potential interest to Muslims who are concerned about Islam-Western relations.


The views of lay Muslims living in the West were sought because these  are familiar with western practicalities. Muslims taking part were professional and business people, their spouses and students, Sunni and Shia mixed.  38 roundtable discussion groups (involving 400 Muslims) were set up by local Anglican/ Episcopalian clerics all over Britain and the US (and one in Mauritius).  The Report, 100 pages, sets out fully every Muslim statement without exception, so that the reader is not given a selected view. However a section on “key Statements” showing the full range of views is included for the convenience of the reader.  Hyperlinks to notable statements are included.